People are talking about “Lyric’s Love Light Revolution”

…on the radio

Hear Robby Benson’s Lite Rock 105 (Los Angeles) interview with Heather’s in Hollywood.

…at the coffee shop
Thank you for sharing Lyric’s awesome Love Light Revolution CD with us. I call it a lyrical magical mystery tour de force. I love her innovative word play, for us it’s cosmic hip hop for cellular illumination.

…between the headphones
Even on first listen I was struck by the vast scope and overall production of this incredibly creative, multi-layered work. Each piece is larger than the sum of its parts and has to be considered in a unified way like a painting. Lyric really owns the songs. She’s lived there and it comes through so transparently. The music is not merely supportive but is also transformative. I was amazed by how Robby created the visual and aural imagery of “My Heart is the Sun.” It was like being in a 4D movie.

…on the farm
Finally an album about a girl’s inner life and her relationship with herself. I recognize these emotions. No songs about needing another person to complete her. She is complete. It’s refreshing. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl power!

…at the office
People are looking for words of inspiration, and Lyric arrives. She’s the antidote to the deflated idealism of social activists and youth — and all of us corporate types lost in cubeland.


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