February 4, 2012   — Lyric’s radio interview on WIOX 91.3 FM (Roxbury, NY) “The First Saturday of the Month” show with Debra Barsha and Beth Browde:

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January 20, 2012 Charlie Sheen tweets a photo of himself on a private jet holding the CD Lyric’s Love Light Revolution. ExtraTV picks up the story and puts it on their home page. Thank you, Charlie!

January 20, 2012 — Lyric’s Love Light Revolution gets a plug from producer Robby Benson during the media tour for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast 3D. Hear Robby’s Lite Rock 105 (Los Angeles) interview with Heather’s in Hollywood.

January 1, 2012 — Excerpt from Lyric’s interview

Q:   You just released your debut album, Lyric’s Love Light Revolution, produced, arranged, and engineered by your dad, Robby Benson. Please share your journey creating this album.

A:   After almost eight years devoted to Self-development and the study of higher states of consciousness, I felt a need to share the experiences of my awakening with others. It was like being hit by a bolt of lightening. I gathered up all of my writing from the journey and asked my parents (Karla DeVito and Robby Benson) if they would partner with me on this music project. They said: “YES!” — and I immediately moved into their home on Cape Cod.

I would give my dad lyrics and in hours he would come running downstairs with some amazing composition he put together. Then we would all go upstairs to his studio, listen, give feedback, and let the song emerge as an organically evolving, living, breathing piece of music. We worked quickly together, the process was amazing, and the album was ‘birthed’ in eight months — a whirlwind of love, bliss, and true creative passion.

Q:  What inspires your writing?

A:   My inspiration comes from my journey into silence where I discovered peace is not passive, peace is dynamic, peace is powerful, peace is fearlessness. I feel I have become a spiritual activist. Inner peace has the power to transform and revolutionize all of life. I found freedom to be the absence of fear. To experience fearlessness is to experience true freedom. My spiritual awakening set me free: “brave unclothed and unashamed, with no one to blame, just life to reclaim — remove the fear — remove the fear — this is the road in which peace appears.” I found God or Truth within myself — and this love inspires everything.

Q:   What message would you like your music and poetry to convey to the audience? 

A:   Silence has the power to transform. Revolutionize your thinking. Awaken to your inner truth. Peace is powerful. You are this power. You are divine. Set yourself free. Freedom begins within. Love lights the way to freedom.

Q:   Tell us more about the causes and charities close to your heart.

A:   Inner peace, clarity, and coherence help to establish outer peace. I am inspired by the work of the Brahmananda Saraswati Foundation, a global peace initiative, which establishes groups of vedic pandits throughout India to help raise world consciousness. I deeply support the David Lynch Foundation, which raises funds to teach Transcendental Meditation to at-risk youth and veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. And I love the work of Matthew Reifslager and The Wholeness, which helps enlighten the individual to the experience of God-awareness through vibrational healing and technologies of awakening.